Summer Vacation

July 2, 2019

Hey, y’all! Let’s level.

My husband is having a pretty big surgery this August. That means there’s a lot of preparation for said surgery going on right now in our lives, and I’m fretting around trying to help organize it all. So. I am taking July off to finish up a pending project, and to keep myself sane as we get ready for this. I’ll see you in August, and hopefully by then I’ll be able to get Abernathy back to its weekly schedule. 🙂

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Playlist #1

07/14/2017 – The House is a Metaphor, Ivan!

WOW finally – so to top it all off, my computer went off to that big box store in the sky. I’m currently borrowing my pal’s loaner, just to make sure I can get the comics all finished up. So for now, enjoy the songs that Orson has on that one playlist, and I’ll see you Monday with a real comic. Thanks for reading. <3

Next: Something is amiss, boys.

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Brain Beeeeeees


I will see you next Monday when the  weather stops heckin’ me over.