The Comic

This comic updates on Thursdays for the time being.

Welcome to Ashburn University, located in the Northwestern USA. The freshman class is busy figuring out their class schedule, making friends, and dealing with weird body mutations. Y’know, the usual college things.

But in the halls lurk eldritch secrets that could change the entire future of the world if discovered, secrets more bone-chilling than Calculus II or the idea of asking your crush out.

That Cal II midterm actually is really scary, though. Investigating eldritch secrets should probably wait until after studying. Just in case. Lovecraftian horrors tend to be a time sink. Priorities, man.

Here’s a cheat sheet.

Questions that get answered in the comic but you might want to know about right now.

What’s Abernathy Square? The dorm rooms. The building’s weirdly square shaped.

What’s a Snap? A weird super power or mutation that occurs roughly before puberty. Has been happening worldwide for the past 7 – 8 years or so, creating a really obvious generational divide. Is almost never useful in any way. Often really sucks.

The Artist

Stan Stanley has been making comics since she was in high school. Since moving to NYC, she has been trying to start the rumor that she is ‘devilishly handsome’ but people who meet her tend to agree that she is more of a walking cartoon, which is a fine thing to be, to be fair. She’s gone through many science-related careers, from academia to PR to just outright selling dead things and curiosities, all while still making comics, for the most part. She is from Mexico, queer, married, and very happy to be surrounded by a lovely crew of weirdos in NYC. You can reach her at snakewifecomics at gmail, or catch her on twitter at Snakewife.