See you Friday.

  • Mike South

    The indescribably awful pain of losing work. I’m sorry.

    • Snakewife

      Thank you, Mike! Your comments over the past few days have been keeping my spirits up, though. 🙂

      • Mike South

        That’s nice! My experience with these kinds of things is with code. You figure out a bunch of stuff and tweak the design and get all the picky little details done…and then if you lose that it seems like it would be ten times the effort to do it all again. The psychological impact is highly disproportional to the actual effort to redo it, because your mind positively rebels at having to go through all that AGAIN. Even though it is in fact it is actually “physically” (for lack of a better term) easier to redo since you have thought it out, it just seems like the worst thing in the world because you shouldn’t ever have had to do that again. I am pretty sure I would rather spend an hour figuring out how to recover lost code than 20 minutes redoing it.