06/12/2017 – Friendship.

Same piece of medical-grade binding equipment, different reasons.

Also: announcing Summer Schedule starting up! I’m working on some stuff, and so I’ll be taking Fridays off Abernathy Square. BUT! You can still check back here – I’ll post a little drawing or SOMETHING for y’all to put your eyeballs on.

Next: Victor and Ferris join in.

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  • Yana Dunia

    *giggle* I love their friendship. Though of course now I’m assuming that Ivan’s snap goes waaaaay beyond just his face, and my imagination is going crazy. In a good way. <3

    • Snakewife

      Thank you! And yes – Ivan’s snap affected his face and chest.

      • Yana Dunia

        Mysterious, and kinda hot. πŸ™‚

        …wait. Now I’m wondering if Orson is trans, too.

        • Snakewife

          Orson’s trans.

          • Yana Dunia

            Nifty. πŸ™‚ Had that been touched upon before?

            • Teachimera

              Nope, this is the first time it came up.

              • Yana Dunia

                Cool, thanks for clarifying. πŸ™‚ I do have a hetero/cisnormative bias, so I was wondering if I had just missed something.

                • Snakewife

                  I’ll say that it technically hadn’t been said in such a red flag as this binder-shaming exchange, BUT if you look back, there’re references here and there which make more sense when you realize he’s trans.

                  • Yana Dunia

                    I just read my way through it all again, and yeah, Orson actually has more relevant moments than Callie, as far as I can tell. πŸ™‚ Though I had also forgotten about their little exchange at the convenience store, or that they knew each other at all… and Orson does think about gender roles a heck of a lot.

          • Yana Dunia

            Also, I just found myself thinking, we’ve come a long way since Aubrey. I had almost forgotten about him, as I don’t seem to recall any trans characters in FH and OPB…

  • Persephone Jade

    Okay, so can I just say I ADORE how you’ve presented these characters as trans? Too often we’re used for shock value, and you just introduced the notion that these characters are by stating simple aspects of their existence, and I really appreciate it.

    Although I am not surprised, considering you wrote one of the earliest respectable trans characters in a webcomic on the internet waaaaaay back with Boy Meets Boy.

    I’m just really glad I kept up with your works, since you deserve all the praise for them.