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victorVictor Jose Cordova
Snap: Cattish.
Victor is belligerent, self-confident, and can sleep in even the most unlikely of places. He is ridiculously supportive and pretty positive, so if you can handle the fact that his volume is always at 11, you’ll have an excellent friend and cheerleader. Has an unfortunate mustache that he thinks looks nice.
Fferriserris Murphy
: Burps glitter.
Ferris is a sweetheart but not very bright. He has memory issues and a hard time experiencing negative emotions, both of which made him easy pickings for bullies in high school; luckily, with Victor by his side as his roomie and new best friend, college should be pretty different. Ferris is empathetic and gentle.
orsonOrson Rasgon
Snap: Growin’ grass instead of hair (also flowers, occasionally)
Orson is very passionate about things he loves or thinks he should love, which means he comes across as kind of high strung. Orson insists that he is capable of being “chill” but often times starts shouting while making this argument. His self esteem is lower than a toad’s belly.
ivanIvan Carlstrom
Snap: ??? Whatever it is, he’s not cool with it.
Ivan comes across as aloof and broody, which isn’t really what he’s going for but actually he’s kind of cool with that. He’s quiet, thoughtful, and often acts as a calming influence for Orson – a major surprise for anyone who knew either of them in high school. Hey, people change.
pearlPearl Bishop
Snap: Soft, feathery pink hair. Pretty pink eyes. 🙂
Pearl is former high school royalty and the sort of person who took the title very seriously. Proud to meddle in the affairs of her subjects for their own good, Pearl is friendly, social, and sometimes has trouble recognizing boundaries until she’s stepped over them. That said, she is really good at her self-assigned job.
bbB.B. Lindenmeyer
Snap: Eyes on stretchy stalks.
B.B. is inherently salty and has the ability to know just the one thing to say to start an argument, but is sad that she doesn’t know how to ever finish it. This doesn’t stop her from saying that one thing. College is intimidating, and B.B. plans on spending most of it hiding in the library and making snarky remarks about people who pass by.
madisonMadison Sullivan
Snap: Has a snout.
Madison took all the things folks said were bad about her (trashy, loud, etc.) and just did them harder and more pointedly. Don’t mess with Madison, she lifts weights and does complex math equations in her head the entire time so she won’t be bored. Despite coming across as kind of a badass, she is rather vulnerable.
callieCallie Wu
Snap: Glass arms.
Callie is the awkwardest pony in the corral. She is not great at interacting with humans, but would like to be. The anxiety and shyness masks a lot of enthusiasm and some general confusion, which surprises a lot of people. It’s like reaching into a pillowcase and retrieving a bullhorn.
terriblejoshJosh Terrazas
Snap: A couple of extra floating mouths. Very sharp teeth.
Josh does not actually seem to be as terrible as people make him out to be. Weird.


cho Dr. Nora Cho
Ashburn University
Dr. Cho has a sense of humor as dry as the Sahara, subtle enough that many people might miss it. She’s an accomplished scientist who for the past few years has been working on the prestigious Project Aquarium. It’s very important to her.
aidenAiden T.
Bioluminescent freckles.
Works for Dr. Cho. Also works for Konstantin. It’s complicated.
Aiden is what happens when you get hot in your twenties: you spend awhile being a bisexual disaster of a person (no? just me, then? nevermind, let’s get on with this). This has led him to some poor choices. Is a post-doc in Dr. Cho’s lab.
marshallProf. C. Marshall
Ashburn University
Prof. Marshall is known for two things: smelling like a distillery, and going on long unrelated tangents during his lectures. He has tenure. Likes include talking about himself, alcohol, arguing for the sake of arguing, and wearing his pet snake like a scarf. The kind of guy to wear an all white outfit and keep it clean – and be smug about it.
measnakeMea Culpa
Prof. Marshall.
Is a snake.



A bit of an homme fatale, Konstantin breezes through life on a combination of good looks, charm, and mysteriously acquired wealth. He is interested in Project Aquarium to the point of planting a spy in the laboratory.
basementamyBasement Amy
Works for Konstantin.
Lives in the basement. Is terrible.
timotheaTimatherium pacifica (“Timothea”)
A mysterious young woman searching for lost loved ones.