May 30, 2019

Technically she’s not wrong, I guess?

Next update, June 15: Puzzling

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0 responses to “Detecting”

  1. Lara T. R. says:

    they’re an actual bodega cat

  2. Kati Bug says:

    And finally Stan’s feelings about Brooklyn work their way into the comic…

  3. Yana Dunia says:

    Whenever I see one of those “back home” sequences, I do wonder how the people there would react to find Catparo is fake, considering that they seem to like them better than Fawn. :-/ I kind of always wondered that from the start, and figure that’s going to be a big part of the fall-out.

  4. A C says:

    jeez, how much time has passed on earth?? i get the impression they’re out of high school !

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